Perspectives on developments in Flyover Country from across the media.

September 7, 2020

After decades in the U.S. focusing on the Northeast and Northwest, Japan-based Subaru recently decided to turn up the heat on its efforts to sell its all-wheel-drive vehicles to denizens of the inland Sunbelt. Good decision. Read more.

In the lead opinion piece in the Detroit News today, the founder of The Flyover Coalition lays out the argument for regional cooperation in economic development to lure disgruntled coastal residents. Read more.

August 13, 2020

Bureaucrats have leveraged the pandemic to pick apart some of the reasons why Upper West Side residents love living in New York, says one resident. Many are packing up, and some are headed for Flyover Country. Read more.

August 13, 2020

Jacksonville, Florida-based Stein Mart began 2020 with a plan to be acquired by a PE firm and a scion of the founder. But the pandemic hit the discount clothing chain in all the wrong ways at all the wrong times. Read more.

Silicon Valley technologists are mostly behind "cultured" meats and blobs of primeval fungi that soon will try to replace traditional foods born in the American heartland. Is this the future of food consumers want? Read more.

Flyover Country stands to gain big as consumer, business and political sentiment builds for reshoring manufacturing from China post-Covid 19. But now the hard work begins, and the details will be important. Read more.

Dan Gilbert built Quicken Loans and then he rebuilt downtown Detroit. But now that the company has filed for an initial public offering, he won't have the same freedom to keep saving the city that he did before. Read more.

July 2, 2020

City authorities have gone far in accommodating the homeless during Covid-19, including giving them hotel rooms, but the chaos and lawlessness may chase even more people out of San Francisco. Read more.

The CEO of an investment firm in Seattle has had enough of the West Coast's high cost of living and stifling conformity, so he's moving headquarters to affordable yet still progressive Austin. Read more.

After an estimated 18 percent of Manhattanites fled Gotham during Covid-19, and the disturbances that followed, New York City may have lost its hold on their imagination -- and their residence. Read more.

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