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Our Agenda

Creating the leading media hub: The coalition will construct a robust online environment to serve as the foremost hub for news about developments in, and affecting, Flyover Country; as a digital community for supporters and residents; and as an agenda setter. We also will provide an alert and effective presence in fast-evolving social media.

Winning with young adults: Recognizing that only the thriving presence of Generations Y and Z will ensure a brighter future for Flyover Country, the coalition will start with a special emphasis on ways to promote this goal. A specific project for advancing it will be the charter program for the coalition.

Crashing the media roundtable: The group will increase the representation of individuals, resources and interests from Flyover Country in the national news-media conversation that now barely nods to our concerns and almost entirely reflects coastal sensibilities. This will ensure Flyover Country participation in news and public-interest programing on television and radio news and talk shows, and in print and online forums as well.

Developing and distributing content: The organization will ensure a continual supply of high-quality video, audio and text content reflecting Flyover Country in social media, blogs, podcasts, “white papers,” daily “Flyover Country Reports” for radio stations, content produced for online and print publications, and so on. This stream of output will continually highlight the concerns and values of the region in a wide range of media.

Researching perspectives: Activities will include understanding the issues of importance to constituents and residents of the region, developing a database of relevant experts and spokespeople, and analyzing the characteristics and differentiators of Flyover Country. The group also will conduct opinion research among residents. 

Bringing stakeholders together around issues: A vital function will be developing and hosting seminars, conferences and other activities for coalition stakeholders to advance the understanding of Flyover Country and to further our points of view in the national conversation. Topics of the gatherings will be general, such as the economic advancement of the region, as well as specific, such as how best to harness and protect the immense water resources of Flyover Country, or how to optimize the region’s role in the oil and gas boom.

Invading cultural media: Understanding the implicit and explicit importance of video and other entertainment media in shaping Americans’ viewpoints, the group will seek to improve representation of Flyover Country in television, movies and streaming digital media as well as to advance our locales for television, film and other video productions.

Building alliances: The coalition will build partnerships with other organizations in particular ways and on specific issues that advance the overall interests of Flyover Country. 

Creating grass-roots support: At the same time that we establish significant organizational support for the coalition, we also will solicit grass-roots backing through individual memberships, development and marketing of licensed products, and other means.

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