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We are The Flyover Coalition.

We have one purpose: to buttress Flyover Country economically, socially and culturally as the region--and America--deal with a challenging future.


We plan to protect, rebuild and fortify the uniqueness of this land. We will encourage the natives of Flyover Country to sink their roots more deeply and confidently. We will attract newcomers to join us, and we will beckon those who have left to return, focusing particularly on millennials and members of Generation Z, who too often overlook the appeal of Flyover Country even if they were born here.


And we will work to reclaim a place for Flyover Country high in the national regard. We need to make Flyover Country--our people, our concerns, our industries, our resources–matter more in Washington, New York, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley and Seattle, the seats of political, financial, cultural, technological and retailing power on the coasts.

Our goal is nothing less than helping to revive the home of American drive, devotion and determination, making the term “Flyover Country” truly ironic rather than descriptive.

The Flyover Coalition has arisen as an affirmation of the future for we who live here and as an antidote to those who might discount us. So we have been recognized by the state of Michigan as a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization and are awaiting approval by the federal government as a 501[c]3, tax-exempt educational organization. 

And we hope you’ll want to join our cause.

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