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Our Principles

Regional Cohesion: It is important to reinforce a regional identity for Flyover Country, to understand what “Flyovers” want and to agree on some collective goals, even as individual constituencies within the region differ with and of course compete with one another to varying degrees.


Unique Value: It is crucial to protect and fortify Flyover Country as the home of indigenous treasures--including our people, business capital, natural resources and intellectual firepower–and to advance all for the good of the region and for that of the United States as a whole.


National Wellspring: It is vital to recognize and strengthen Flyover Country as the source and nurturer of important economic, social and cultural characteristics and values that have built and continue to sustain not only the Heartland but also America as a whole.


Magnet for Youth: It is an existential issue for Flyover Country to create and maintain advantages that will attract millennials and the next generations to stay in–and come back to–Flyover Country.


Economic Interests: It is imperative to fortify Flyover Country in vital specific areas including technology, manufacturing, trade, energy, finance, housing, health care and agriculture.


Set-Apart Issues: Flyover Country has significant interests that are integral to our region, that aren’t shared elsewhere, and that contrast us with the coasts. In these areas, we must assert the unique interests of Flyover Country.


Relationship with Washington: Flyover Country is greatly affected by developments in the federal government in many areas, and these must be addressed with education, communication, cooperation and determination.


Media Tilt: It is fundamental for the future of Flyover Country to correct the massive imbalance in the treatment of our interests and institutions by the news and entertainment media that are concentrated on the coasts, by creating a powerful new lens that highlights the viewpoints of Flyover Country and counters how the “national” media advance the interests of the coasts.

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