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Our Activities

The mission of The Flyover Coalition is to strengthen Flyover Country in a number of ways:

  • We will spotlight individual successes all over Flyover Country, created by people, organizations, companies, states and regions, in order to raise the esteem of Flyover Country not only nationwide but also worldwide.

  • We will underscore the commonalities within Flyover Country that make it so vital to America’s present and future and that have given it such a crucial role in the nation’s history.

  • We will ceaselessly and effectively advance the economic, social, and cultural interests of Flyover Country in the national conversation that now occurs in news, entertainment and digital media with far too little input from Flyover Country.​

  • We will research and present truths about Flyover Country, our people and our resources that will influence perceptions where they count --among decision-makers everywhere.

  • We will gather together difference-makers from across Flyover Country in various forums, so they can expand their connections, synergize their efforts and make an even bigger difference collectively in the things that most matter to us. 

  • We will take soundings of the opinions of residents of Flyover Country and make sure they are heard.


  • We will highlight and strengthen the unique advantages of Flyover Country in a variety of ways, focusing on where our attributes make us unique and indispensable in the American mosaic.

  • And we will work with others – companies, philanthropies, economic-development organizations, chambers of commerce, colleges and universities, and all manner of other institutions and interested individuals – to promote these goals and the overall advancement of Flyover Country.​​

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